Extend The Shelf-Life Of Your Foods With The Vacuum Packaging Machine

Any piece of food in its natural environment is prone to decay. Continuous activity of microorganisms upon the food breaks down the constituent compounds which cause the food to lose its freshness and rot. The medium of communication between food and microbes is air, which is abundant on the planet and present everywhere. So to prolong the life of say, a piece of fruit, it needs to be placed in an environment where the microbe activity is minimal.
A Vacuum Packaging Machine operates on a similar principle. It packages food inside plastic bags and seals them whilst removing the air inside the bag at the same time. The nonexistence of air inside the sealed bag prevents microbe action on the piece of food sealed, and hence prevents decay, and thus aims to prolong the ‘shelf life’ of the product.

Benefits of using the Vacuum Packaging Machine

zoom_valko_favola_41525_chamber_vacuum_packaging_machineSince the packaging machine allows packaging of all kinds of food products, the obvious benefit to be gained from this would be a prolonged shelf life of the products. Perishable items, for instance, meat, cheese, fish, and many fruits and vegetables cannot be stored in open environment without the fear of rotting away in a manner of days. For a kitchen or restaurant that buys such products in bulk from the market, this could result in significant waste of time, money and resources if the unused products decay by the time they need to be used.

Not only that, but many other items also need proper packaging in order to retain their freshness. Cookies in bakeries for instance go stale if not properly packaged. This would amount to significant loss and waste of hard work put into making those cookies and cakes. This type of economic misfortune can be prevented if the products are optimally stored inside a plastic bag with a vacuum seal. This would prevent air from coming into contact with the product, and thereby prolong the product’s life.

The packaging is however not limited to perishable items and the likes. Non perishable goods like pasta, rice and flour can also be stored with this packaging. Even though these products face no immediate threat without packaging, they can still be affected just by being in contact with air. To assume that storing them within air tight containers would prolong their shelf life is totally wrong. Manually done procedures are nothing worth in front of the machine sealing principles, which can make products such as boiled pasta last for up to 2 weeks or more, without losing its moisture, tenderness or freshness.

Vacuum Packaging Machines can ease the daily operations in bakeries and kitchens by cutting down the time required to process goods for storage. Items can be brought in bulk, thereby cutting down overall costs. Energy otherwise expended at worrying about items that will go bad can be spent elsewhere, and with greater focus upon the products than the input components, businesses can experience a booming opportunity to grow.

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