All About The Rage Sous Vide Cooking Equipment

What is it?

Any basic piece of Sous Vide equipment consists of a tank to hold hot water, a thermometer to measure temperature of the water, and a lid to cover the contents. Essentially, any piece of meat that needs to be boiled or cooked for a longer period of time, can be cooked hassle-free with this method. All one needs is to contain the meat in a plastic bag immersed into the water bath at set temperature and then leave the cooking procedure to the Sous Vide apparatus.

Vide Cooking EquipmentThe apparatus’ built in thermometer will ensure to maintain a constant temperature in the bath, so the meat will be exposed to steady heat. There will be no need for constant vigilance and maintenance as the apparatus will itself make sure the meat doesn’t burn and cooks only to its juicy tenderness.

Why do you need it?

While cooking a steak on the grill, for instance, there is always fear of it being under cooked, or over cooked, or worse, getting burned. Sous Vide method ensures the meat is cooked to perfection, and cuts down the time required to stand by the apparatus watching over the boiling pot.

Especially for deli and restaurant chefs who need to prepare large quantities of meat in short time periods, Sous Vide apparatus can cut down on the time required for meat preparation significantly. Thereby it will reduce the efficiency of meal preparation, and allow the chef’s attention to be diverted to other items on the menu, which will make cooking a much more enjoyable affair.

Even as a homeowner, if one is fond of gourmet meals, or constantly obtains the burnt steak after putting in so much effort to cook it, this is a fantastic method to get the perfect meat every time. The choice of type of equipment might differ from a professional chef’s because the needs vary.

Benefits of using Sous Vide

All Sous Vide equipment can perform the core task of preparing meats perfectly with extreme caution. However, customization for a certain usage definitely helps. For individual use, for example, a sous vide immersion circulator is always the popular choice. This apparatus contains a smaller tank with a thermometer immersed inside the space, and goes about heating and circulating the water at a constant temperature on its own.
In contrast to that, a professional chef may prefer a sort of water-bath appliance set. The need to cook large quantities of meat would facilitate that, as the apparatus contains a water heater and circulator all together. The tank is large enough to accommodate so large a mass, and even has space enough to cook and store great amounts of meat.


Sous Vide apparatuses are a contemporary way of cooking meat, and are quite the revolution because they can achieve perfection with cooking steaks etcetera that would otherwise be a rarity. It is a hassle free way to go about meat preparation, so you can employ the same chunk of time to something else worth your attention and energy.

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