Sao Paulo, Brazil’s most populous and wealthiest state

Sao Paulo is a municipality located in the southeast of Brazil, and it’s the wealthiest and most populated city in the Southern Hemisphere with 32,200,000 people. The tall buildings and rich urban architecture stand testimony to the city’s development and grandeur. Sao Paulo is a world renowned alpha city, known for the vibrant cultural scene, with many art and history museums, social gatherings, parades, and sightseeings. The metropolis is rich in cultural diversity with some of the largest Arab, Japanese, and Italian diasporas, a fact that translates in the overall feeling of the city.


The city is stable politically and seismically, with no recorded earthquakes. The climate is fairly stable categorized as a humid subtropical climate with temperatures ranging from 17°C to 28°C in the summer, and from 11°C to 23°C in the winter. The city has less than half of the national homicide rate with the air quality steadily increasing, surpassing the national pollution average.

Sao Paulo is named the “financial capital of the nation”, and this aspect can be seen in the city’s markets, malls, and industrials residences. The city also attracts IT and tech. companies because of its leading role in science and technology development. The city also sees the development of intellectual tourism for its renowned universities and schools.


The metropolis has a liberal and progressive stance on most social laws, being the home of one of the largest LGBT community, with regular parades and gatherings. The infrastructure, healthcare, and transportation are deemed the best in the nation and even in the continent.

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