Top 5 reasons why Technical Talent decides to leave your company

In the following piece, we’ll try to explain how to keep your tech team content and productive, and most importantly, to stay at your company until you decide otherwise, and not vice versa. Because having your tech team dissolve unexpectedly can mean activity stagnation, huge costs, and even bankruptcy.

• Techies are not sufficient but definitely necessary

In this day and age, the tech crew is a fundamental component for virtually every company. You know it, and they know it. A business activity can only start if the technical part is taken care of, and it can be devastating if it falls apart. So ensuring a stable working technician team allows the company to properly function and eventually grow.

• There’s a huge market demand for technology professionals and big salaries may be not enough

With the IT sector ever-growing and technology evolving at an exponential rate, technical recruiters in Spain and around the world are always searching for both experienced and inexperienced technicians for their activities. IT jobs Europe, such as software engineering jobs Europe and other IT related jobs are some of the highest-paying jobs, but for most technicians, money isn’t enough to compensate other disadvantages many firms present. So don’t focus exclusively on offering big money, statistics show it might not cut it.

• Prevention is better than the cure

These professionals have many opportunities, and because of this, you may find yourself in a position where key professionals are quitting their jobs, leaving your company without its central nervous system.  You’ll find yourself in full damage control, pinned down in front of Google, desperately searching on how to hire a developer or technician as soon as possible. A lot of time will be consumed, and many other additional problems can derive from this. Plan ahead and you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches.

• The IT guy is not your personal computer

Men and women in Tech cannot be treated like machines even if you pay them sacks of money. Under unfavorable conditions, they’ll underperform and even leave your company. IT pros have some of the biggest quitting rates of all workers, so don’t be quick to assume that they’re dependent on you, it’s most likely the other way around. Take time to properly understand their needs and try to accommodate them as much as possible. If you play your cards right, you’ll establish an unbreakable human bond that will benefit your company from every point of view. He won’t just work for you; he’ll be an invaluable associate that will propel your business to the sky.

Let’s summarize the Top 5 reasons why your tech guy is thinking about switching boats:

1. Low wages with no benefits and no social security.

An IT professional wants to have a stable job that will offer him the tranquility of a stable life. He poured tears, blood, and sweat for decades in schools and universities, and feels entitled to a job that will take care of life’s basic necessities. Such an intellectual shouldn’t have to worry about not having enough money to pay his rent. As an employer, you should offer him a decent wage and social benefits to allow him to fully commit to his job.

2. No leadership.

An engineer or a programmer is not necessary an entrepreneur or a leader. Most of the times, he just wants to perform under qualified guidance. Thinking about how to develop complex algorithms is hard enough. As an employer, you should appoint a capable leader that will provide strategic and logistic support to your tech crew. A team is as good as its captain, so selecting an adequate leader is imperative.

3. Stress.

Usually, an IT professional has a good work ethic and doesn’t need to be constantly reminded about the urgency of projects or tasks. Communication and having realistic expectations are vital. Programming and engineering are basically an art, and sometimes it can’t be rushed. Learn to speak face-to-face with you tech guy and hear him out.

4. Skill stagnation and over-qualification.

Don’t expect an intellectual to be satisfied by doing menial tasks. Not only will he not enjoy it, but he will realize that he’s losing touch with the ever-evolving technologies and will be forced to look for another job that will constantly keep him updated on the latest trends. Intellectual stimulation is very important, and will also benefit your company by being constantly upgraded. Hire newbies for simpler tasks and keep the pros sharp.

5. Unpleasant schedules.

Sometimes, a 9 to 5 schedule just won’t cut it. If you have the possibility, ask your tech personnel about their preferences in terms of schedules, and try to accommodate even the most unusual requests. If he’s required to develop software, maybe let him do it from home, if he’s the server and firmware expert, maybe give him the keys to the headquarters so he could perform maintenance from 3 AM to 6 AM. Flexible work hours can mean all the difference in the world, and you should only be interested in the final results.

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